Trade/Commercial Waste Collection

Want to be more Sustainable?

Did you know that commercial, industrial and construction businesses create six times more waste than households! Which is why it’s important that businesses do their bit and deal with their waste efficiently.

How can my business manage it’s waste better?

The waste hierarchy is a useful guide for managing your businesses waste more sustainably. It considers the impact of waste on the environment. THINK about dealing with your waste in line with the following waste hierarchy;

  • Prevention – Using less waste in design and manufacturer. Keeping products for longer and reusing them. Using less hazardous material.
  • Preparation for Reuse – Checking, cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, repair – either whole items or spare parts.
  • Recycling – Turning waste into a new substance or product. Composting that meets quality products.
  • Recovery – Includes anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery, gasification, pyrolysis and some back-filling operations.

Disposal should be the final option you choose as this will be the most expensive and have the biggest impact on the environment.

Can I eliminate waste?

You may not be able to eliminate all your waste but waste costs money, on average up to 4% of turnover so the more you do here to eliminate waste in the first place the more you save. This is the easiest way and will save you money.

Why reduce waste?

Reducing your waste will make your business more profitable. Most businesses only consider the cost of disposing waste but reducing waste could save your business money in other ways such as:

  • The original cost of materials.
  • Cost of handling, delivery and processing of materials.
  • Staff time buying, handling and processing materials.

What about re-use?

As the old saying goes ‘one persons waste is another person’s treasure’. Consider donating to a charitable or waste management organisation. National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) facilitates free resource exchange between businesses (see our section on Useful Contacts).

Why should I recycle?

There are several reasons for your business to recycle and it’s not just about the environment:

  • Complying with the law (see our section on Legislation).
  • Competitive advantage – improve your reputation and meet customers demand for a better environment.

How should I dispose of my waste?

You should ensure that whoever disposes of your waste is registered to carry waste and provides you with the correct documentation.  This is to prove your waste has been properly disposed of. Remember YOU are responsible for YOUR WASTE so choose your contractor with care.  Ask for proof they are licenced to carry waste and where your waste is being disposed. DON’T employ a man in a van as many simply fly-tip your waste!

The current policy by Lancashire County Council does not allow business waste to be disposed or recycled at any of their Household waste recycling centres.  If this policy changes in the future, we will let you know.

What will happen to my Waste if I choose the Council?
All recyclable waste i.e. waste paper, cardboard and glass jars and bottles are recylced by the same organisations that recycle Hyndburn’s household recycling. (see our Recycling section)

Any waste that cannot be recycled is properly disposed of in licenced sites.

Remember Hyndburn Borough Council offers all its business customers a FREE recycling service, so the more you recycle the less you pay for your waste disposal.