Demolition of Buildings

Extract from the Building Act 1984

Section 80 – (1) This section applies to any demolition of the whole or part of a building except –

(a) a demolition in pursuance of a demolition order made 1957 c. 56. under the Housing Act 1957, and

(b) a demolition –

(i) of an internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and it is intended that it should continue to be occupied,
(ii) of a building that has a cubic content (as ascertained by external measurement) of not more than 1750 cubic feet, or, where a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage forms part of a larger building, of that greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, or
(iii) without prejudice to sub-paragraph (ii) above, of an agricultural building (as defined in section 26 of the General Rate Act 1967), unless it is con- 1967 c. 9. tiguous to another building that is not itself an agricultural building or a building of a kind mentioned in that sub-paragraph.

(2) No person shall begin a demolition to which this section

applies unless –

(a) he has given the local authority notice of his intention to do so, and

(b) either –

(i) the local authority have given a notice to him under section 81 below, or
(ii) the relevant period (as defined in that section) has expired.

(3) A notice under subsection (2) above shall specify the building to which it relates and the works of demolition intended to be carried out, and it is the duty of a person giving such a notice to a local authority to send or give a copy of it to

(a) the occupier of any building adjacent to the building,
(b) the British Gas Corporation, and
(c) the Area Electricity Board in whose area the building is situated.

(4) A person who contravenes subsection (2) above is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.