Doing Business with the Council

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The Council's Specific Procurement Objectives

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs):  The Council wants to encourage a wide range of suppliers to bid for Council contracts and has signed up to the SME concordat relating to small and medium sized businesses.

Equality:  The Council has a legal obligation to promote equality and this extends to our services and our procurement processes.  To find out about our requirements please refer to our guide to equality in procurement and our equality undertaking.

Probity: We want to promote high ethical standards in respect of everything the Council does, and this includes our procurement activity.  We have produced a guide to ethical procurement, which sets out our probity requirements and the rules of good conduct we expect staff and suppliers to follow.  If you have any concerns about the way the Council, or any of its officers, have conducted a particular procurement exercise, please let us know.  You may contact the relevant service manager or the Council’s monitoring officer.  The Council’s whistleblowing policy applies in these circumstances and you may find it helpful to refer to it.

Sustainability:  We have produced a green purchasing guide for use by our staff when they are involved in procurement.  The Council is also committed to achieving level 3 of the Government’s Flexible Framework for Sustainable Procurement by December 2010.