Equality Impact Assessment – Housing and Regeneration

Assessments. We have recently revised our process and internally these are now known as Customer First Analysis.

EIA Energy Efficiency StrategyDownload 
EIA Allocations PolicyDownload 
EIA Homelessness StrategyDownload 
EIA Housing AdviceDownload 
EIA Temporary AccommodationDownload 
EIA Mediation ServiceDownload 
EIA Disabled Facilities GrantsDownload 
EIA Customer First Analysis Huncoat Business Improvement DistrictsDownload 
EIA Customer First Analysis Removal of exixting garagesDownload 
Equality Impact Assessment Charity Collections and ChuggingDownload 
Equality Impact Assessment Portas PilotDownload 
Customer First Analysis BwD SLA for CCTVDownload 
Customer First Analysis Woodnook Investment PlanDownload 
CFA Safe HousesDownload 
EIA Proposed Changes to Blackburn RoadDownload 
CFA Hyndburn Tenancy StrategyDownload 
CFA Proposal for Dispersal of Land on West Grimshaw St AccringtonDownload 
CFA Unauthorised EncampmentsDownload 
CFA Home Energy ConservationDownload 
CFA Energy Efficiency Energy SwitchingDownload