Brownfield Register Part 1- Siteplans

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Siteplans of individual Part 1  Brownfield Register sites.

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Site Ref. 29. Wheatfield Mill, Wheatfield Street, RishtonDownload
Site Ref. 30. Parker Street, Rishton BB1 4JDDownload
Site Ref. 31. Land off Knowles Road, RishtonDownload
Site Ref. 43. Coronation Mill, Victoria Street, (bounded by Commercial St,Victoria St, and John St) OswaldtwistleDownload
Site ref. 58. Rhoden Road, Builders Compound, Roe Greave Road, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site ref. 98. 4 Elton Road, BelthornDownload
Site Ref. 102. Land off Spring Street, RishtonDownload
Site Ref. 104. Former Service Station, Land off Manchester Road, BaxendenDownload
Site Ref. 105. Chapel Street garage site, Abbey Street, AccringtonDownload
Site ref. 108. Land to NW of 64 New Lane, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site ref. 115. Site off Oak Street, Clayton le MoorsDownload
Site Ref. 152. Union Works and Union Garage, Back Cotton Street, Accrington. BB5 3EXDownload
Site Ref. 183. Water Street, Great Harwood. BB6 7QRDownload
Site ref. 199. Steiner St, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 200. York Street, RishtonDownload
Site ref. 201. Land at Brookside Industrial Estate, Brookside Lane, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site Ref. 202. 1 11 Black Abbey Street & 104 108 Abbey Street, AccringtonDownload
Site ref. 203. Turkey Red Industrial Estate, Manchester Road, BaxendenDownload
Site Ref. 204. Former factory site, Wood Street, Great HarwoodDownload
Site Ref. 205. Land to the north and south of Britannia Street, Great HarwoodDownload
Site ref. 206. Springfield Garage, Blackburn Road, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site ref. 207 Land at Pollard Street, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 208. Grand Social Club, Blackburn Road, Great HarwoodDownload
Site Ref. 209. The Lomax Hotel, Blackburn Road, Great HarwoodDownload
Site ref. 210. Waverledge Business Park, Waverledge Street, Great HarwoodDownload
Site Ref. 211. Accrington Old Band Club, Carter Street, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 212. Woodnook Works, Bath Street Mount Street, AccringtonDownload
Site ref. 213. West End Works, Norman Road, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site Ref. 214. Cannon Street Baptist Church, 14 Cannon Street, AccringtonDownload
Site ref. 215. Land adjacent to 30 Richmond Hill Street, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 216. Church Bank Works, Kirk Road, ChurchDownload
Site ref. 217. Hibberts Farm, Broadfield, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site Ref. 218. Land at Broadfield Garage, Broadfield, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site Ref. 219. 58 60 Stanley Street, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 220. St Andrews Works, Kay Street, OswaldtwistleDownload
Site ref. 221. Phoenix 1 (unimplemented), Harrison Street Savoy Street, AccringtonDownload
Site Ref. 222. Clayton Triangle, Whalley Road Blackburn Rd, Clayton le MoorsDownload
Site ref. 223. Commercial St & Back Queen Street, Great HarwoodDownload