Flood Advice and Sandbag Use


  1. Concentrate on the lowest area first and remember to block any ground floor toilet bowls with a sandbag to reduce internal flooding with sewage.
  2. Move valuables to a higher level within the property, eg upstairs, shelves or windowsills. Do not forget items that cannot be replaced, such as photograph albums and other items of sentimental value.
  3. Ensure electrical equipment is lifted from the floor, eg video cassette recorders, radios, etc.
  4. Do not forget pets or to make arrangements for children at school.
    If you have time, move your car out of the area if it is safe to do so, but avoid driving through any floodwater as the wave created by your vehicle could easily flood more properties.
  5. When you have achieved all that you can, see if your neighbours need any help. Remember, photographs and video evidence taken during the flooding can help with investigations and insurance claims.
  6. Always avoid travel if there is deep water on the roads.