Flood Zones and SuDS in Hyndburn

Flood Risk Standing Advice for England

Flood risk is an issue that you need to consider if you are planning a new development, or even a change of use. Following the launch of the National Planning Policy Framework the Environment Agency (EA) has reviewed and updated the flood risk standing advice and modified the tools to do so.

The new Flood Map for Planning (FMfP) was launched on  27 February 2017. You can access it via this link: https://flood-map-for-planning.service.gov.uk/

Overview of the FMfP by the Environment Agency

  • Users will be able to determine which flood zone the site they are researching is in quickly and accurately.
  • Those making planning applications will be able to view, download or request other relevant flood risk information required to complete their Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs).
  • We will reduce the burden on applicants
  • We will maintain access to the FMfP, but with a better customer experience.

What are the changes?

The new service includes the ability to zoom into the map to a greater resolution, allowing users to see property boundaries to identify their development sites.

The new service provides guidance on what to do next with regard to producing FRAs together with appropriate links to gov.uk guidance.