Hackney Carriage/Private Hire – Accident Damaged Vehicles

Accident Damaged Vehicles

Current procedure:

If your vehicle has received any accident damage (which materially affect the safety, performance or appearance of the vehicle) it MUST be reported to the Licensing Department within 72 hours (Section 50, Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976) of the accident taking place.  To report accident damage, the vehicle proprietor must telephone the Licensing Department on 01254 380676.  You must provide the following information:

  • Name of driver and company name
  • Registration number and licence plate number of the affected vehicle
  • Date and time of accident/incident
  • Information relating to how the accident took place
  • Description of damage to the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle is driveable or not
  • Whether the Police have been notified and if so, provide the Police log reference number.

If the vehicle is driveable, an appointment will be made with the Licensing Department so that an officer can inspect the damage sustained.  During the appointment, the officer will inspect the vehicle, take photo’s and decide if the vehicle is fit/unfit for purpose as a licensed Hackney Carriage/Private Hire vehicle.

If the Licensing officer decides that the vehicle is fit for purpose, but the damage needs to be repaired, a 21 Day Improvement Notice will be issued allowing 21 days from the date of inspection for the repairs to be made.  The vehicle will still be able to undertake Hackney Carriage/Private Hire work.

If the Licensing Officer decides that the vehicle is unfit for purpose, a Section 68 Notice will be issued and the licence plate will be removed from the vehicle for suspension.  You will be advised whether the vehicle needs to have a full Taxi MOT (at owners own cost) or to have the vehicle inspected again with the Licensing Department once repairs have been made to the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not driveable, and it is being stored locally, it may be possible to arrange for a Council Officer to visit, who will take photos, issue the necessary documentation and remove the licence plate if the vehicle is deemed unfit for purpose.  If the vehicle is not stored locally or a Council Officer is not available to visit, we would require photographic evidence of the damage to the vehicle from either the driver, vehicle replacement company or the insurance company.  We also require the return of the licence plate.  If it is not possible to attain photographic evidence of the damage to the vehicle, then we would require an engineer’s report.  Photograph’s and/or engineers reports can be emailed to the Licensing Department by using the following email address:


In all of the above instances, the driver must complete the Accident Report Form

Depending on which notice you have been given, please click on the relevant links below:-

21 Day Improvement Notice

S68 Notice

Replacement Vehicle procedure

Please note, in all instances above, you must make an appointment with the Licensing Department to produce your vehicle to us.