Lowerfold Park

History of Lowerfold Park


Lowerfold ParkThe local community originally knew Lowerfold as The Congregational Church Park, because three members of the church had given land at Lowerfold for use as a park. The park was first opened to the public on 27 June, 1914. The amenities within the park included: a pavilion with a three-quarter size billiard table, table tennis and a room for social events; five tennis courts; a croquet lawn; rose garden and children’s playground. Dr Peel, the congregational minister and three members of his church played the first game of tennis on the opening day.

The park became the centre of social life for local Congregationalists for more than thirty years until after the Second World War when it was purchased by the Urban District Council of Great Harwood and became known as Lowerfold Park.

Further information is displayed on the Great Harwood history and information site.