Pest Identification Service

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Hyndburn Borough Council offers a FREE identification service, so if you find a pest species that you’re unsure about then the Councils expert team can help identify and give you the appropriate advice on any relevant control measures.

Advice for Samples

  • No live samples to be sent
  • No crushed or damaged samples
  • For Flies & Moths… Take care not to damage the wings
  • Samples to be placed in a clean sealed jar or tub with the lid to be taped up
  • Jar or tub to be double bagged, along with the bags tied or taped up
  • Clear customer details attached to the bag or sample tub

Customer Details – Please fill in the form here: Pest ID – Client Details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Location sample taken from
  • Any further comments

Please post or drop off any samples to be identify to:-
Scaitcliffe House
Ormerod Street

For any other further advice or information you can contact us on:-
Phone:- 01254 388111