Temporary Event Notice

Late TEN’s

In exceptional circumstances the law allows us to accept a TEN submitted between five and nine working days before the event (not including the event day and the day the notice is submitted).

Late TENs should only be used in exceptional circumstances as you run the very real risk that the event may not be able to take place if we receive an objection to the notice. If that happens then we have no alternative but to serve a counter notice on the notice giver. If that happens the event can’t go ahead as the law doesn’t allow for an appeal with a late TEN.

The number of late notices that can be given in any one calendar year is limited to 10 for personal licence holders and 2 for non-personal licence holders. These count towards the total number of temporary event notices (i.e. 50 temporary event notices per year for personal licence holders and 5 temporary event notices for non-personal licence holders).