Bullough Park

Extra information

Bullough Park colour planSome further information is available as a download including:

The park’s management plan

A colour plan

A plan of the extensive Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve

A leaflet for the area

Fun pack for young people visiting the park

A series of measured, marked walks with activities, see the leaflet.

You may also be interested in further information such as advice on holding an event within the park or advice on helping the local environment.

The Council holds some further information about Bullough Park at the Depot at Willows Lane in Accrington. This includes:

  • Park drainage plans dated 1991
  • Regularly updated tree survey.
  • An Environmental Policy for the park.
  • A Marketing Strategy for the park.

All this information can be viewed by appointment please call 01254 388 111 or email Enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk