Food and Safety Advice for the Public

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Speak to the food business owner

Have you spoken to the owner or manager of the food business? They may not be aware of the problem, so you may be able to resolve it by discussing the complaint with them directly.

Return the food to the shop, together with the packaging and receipt and ask to speak to the person in charge. In some cases you may need to write or telephone the manufacturer. Explain the nature of your complaint and ask them to investigate it. Ask them to write to you with their explanations of how the problem arose. They may offer you a refund and/or carry out their own internal investigation.

If after pursuing the matter yourself, you are still not satisfied with the response you should return to Environmental Health with details of your progress. At this stage we may not be able to take any action other than to write to the company concerned noting their failure to satisfy you. We would hope that this would stimulate them into responding to your complaint and also enable us to record their failure and take this into account in any further dealings we might have with them.