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Registered Social Landlords

Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are independent housing organisations registered with the Housing Corporation under the Housing Act 1996. Most are housing associations, but there are also trusts, co-operatives and companies. The Public Register of Social Landlords contains details of all RSLs in England and may be accessed though the Housing Corporation website – see below.

RSLs provide access to a range of rented homes including houses, flats and bungalows to suit the needs of the individual. There is a wide selection of homes in many locations throughout Hyndburn. The opportunity to rent specific properties, in particular areas, will depend upon availability.

Homes for rent are the core of business of most RSLs although some do provide low cost ownership schemes, support to homeowners who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable. RSLs also have expertise in property development and refurbishment, housing management and community regeneration and consultation.

You may find out more about the specific RSLs active within Hyndburn by accessing the websites or telephone numbers by clicking the link below.

Registered Social Landlords Contact Details