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Equality Act 2010 – Carriage of a Wheelchair Passenger

Equality Act 2010 – Carriage of a Wheelchair Passenger

SI 2017/107 – The Equality Act 2010 (Commencement No. 12) Order 2017

 As of 6th April 2017 the provisions in the Equality Act 2010 in relation to the carriage of wheelchair passengers in licensed vehicles and the requirement for local authorities to maintain a list of such vehicles came into force.

Section 165 of The Equality Act 2010 imposes a duty on drivers of a designated taxi and the drivers of a designated private hire vehicle (designated vehicles) to carry passengers who are either wheelchair users or wheelchair users accompanying passengers. Section 165 also creates a criminal offence if a driver of a designated vehicle refuses to carry a passenger in a wheelchair.

Section 166 of the same Act allows an exemption from the above duties, but only if an exemption certificate has been applied for and granted by the licensing authority. The exemption certificate where applicable must be displayed in the vehicle at all times.

Section 167 of the Act allows the licensing authority to maintain a list of designated vehicles which are wheelchair accessible and therefore any driver of the vehicle will be required to comply with the requirements of Section 165.

Hyndburn Borough Council are holding such a list and it is available below. All drivers of the vehicle should comply with S165 as set out above unless and exemption has been granted.

Vehicles Designated for the purposes of Section 165 of the Equality Act

Guidance to Drivers of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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