Hackney/Private/Joint Driver’s Licence

Driver Licence Conditions

Once you become a licensed Joint Driver, you will have to adhere to the rules, regulations and procedures that are attached to your licence.  Any breaches may lead to the suspension or revocation of your licence.

Examples of the rules, regulations and procedures attached to the driver licence are:

  • Display your driver licence identification badge in such a position and manner as to be plainly and distinctly visible.
  • Display your internal driver licence
  • Inform the Council of any changes in health condition.
  • Inform the Council of any changes of address.
  • Inform the Council of any changes of telephone number.
  • Inform the Council of any new Cautions, Convictions or Fixed Penalty Notices.
  • Take the shortest route available when hired to drive to any particular destination.
  • Adhere to all relevant laws, rules and regulations  eg. Road Traffic Act and the Highway Code.

The driver should also:

  1. Be at all times be clean and respectable in his dress and person and behave in a civil and orderly manner;
  2. Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of passengers conveyed in, entering or alighting from the vehicle driven by him;
  3. Not without the express consent of the hirer drink or eat in the vehicle;
  4. Not without the express consent of the hirer play any radio or sound reproducing instrument or equipment in the vehicle other than for the purpose of sending or receiving messages in connection with the operation of the vehicle;
  5. At no time cause or permit the noise emitted by any radio or other previously mentioned equipment in the vehicle which he is driving to be a source of nuisance or annoyance to any person, whether inside or outside the vehicle.

The Equality Act 2010 the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 places a duty on licensed driver’s to carry guide and other assistance dogs at no extra cost.  The driver must also allow the dog to remain with the passenger.  Drivers can apply for an exemption certificate on medical condition that is made worse by contact with dogs, such as severe asthma.  Guide dogs and other assistance dogs should not be refused on religious grounds.

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