Hyndburn Borough Council Complaints Procedure

Our Complaints Procedure

Our complaints procedure aims to:

  • make it easy for you to complain
  • make sure you get a quick response
  • give you the right to a second opinion

Nobody who makes a complaint about the Council will be treated less favourably as a result.

We are committed to providing high quality services that meet your needs.  Your opinions about our services are therefore very important to us.

We want to know if you think we are getting things right and welcome your suggestions for making our services even better.

We accept that things can sometimes go wrong.  If they do, we need to know, so we can put them right.  You have a right to make complaints and we can learn valuable lessons from what you tell us.  Your complaint may well improve things for everyone.

If your complaint relates to services provided by Lancashire County Council, for example, Social Services or Highways, use this link for more details of the County Council’s complaints procedure.