Private Hire Vehicles

How to Licence A Private Hire Vehicle

To apply for a licence you will need to produce to the Licensing Department:

  • a completed Private Hire Vehicle Application Form
  • full log book/new keepers supplement
  • valid insurance certificate or temporary cover note

The Licensing Department will then contact the applicant to book and take payment for the MOT and the relevant Licence fee.  If your vehicle has been converted since manufacture, you will also need to submit the relevant certification (please see page relating to converted vehicles).

After the MOT has taken place, the Council’s garage will forward the certificate to the Licensing Department.  Once we are in receipt of the certificate, we will issue the licence and vehicle licence plate.  The Licensing Department will then contact the applicant to advise them when the licence and plate is available for collection.

This plate must remain affixed to the outside rear of your vehicle in a manner prescribed by the Council at ALL times.

If this application is a renewal, you must produce your old vehicle licence plate at the time of collection.

Once you have been issued with a licence and plate, you must adhere to the vehicle licence conditions.