Private Hire Vehicles

General Guidance For Private Hire Vehicles

All licence holders must:

  • Report a change of address to the Licensing Department within 7 days
  • Report details of an accident to the Licensing Department within 72 hours of the accident taking place and complete an Accident Report Form.
  • Display the Plate on the outside rear of the vehicle by means of the bracket provided or by affixing to the rear bumper
  • Return the Plate to the Licensing Department for safe keeping whenever insurance cover is not in operation

Failure to do so may result in the licence being suspended or revoked. The Plate remains the property of Hyndburn Borough Council and must be surrendered to an authorised officer on request.

If your licence plate is either lost or stolen, a replacement can be issued by the Licensing Department, upon payment of the fee.

It is an offence to smoke or allow smoking in a Private Hire vehicle at any time.