Premise Licences

Vary a Designated Premises Supervisor

All alcohol licensed premises must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who is responsible for the sale of alcohol at the premises. A DPS must be a personal licence holder.

Applications to Vary a Premises Licence to Specify a Designated Premises Supervisor (Vary DPS) must be:

  • made to the Licensing Authority on the prescribed application form
  • accompanied by the prescribed fee of £23.00 by either cash, cheque or Postal Order made payable to Hyndburn Borough Council.   We can also take credit/debit card payments over the telephone
  •  accompanied by the premises licence or relevant part for explanation as to why the premises licence is not able to be produced
  • accompanied by a consent form signed by the proposed DPS or a statement as to why it is not enclosed

The applicant must serve a copy of the application along with any accompanying documents (if any) to the Police.  This must be on the same day on which the application was submitted to the Licensing Authority.  For contact information for the Police, please see our information leaflet, Responsible Authorities.

The Police have 14 days to object to the appointment of a new DPS.  If a representation is received then a hearing will be held.