Premise Licences

Community Premises Disapplication of a DPS

If you have a community premises, it may be possible to disapply the mandatory condition under Section 19(4) of the Licensing Act 2003 for the requirement of a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) by transferring the responsibility to the management of a board or committee of individuals.

A community premises include a church hall, chapel hall, village hall, parish hall, community hall or other similar building.

The management committee will be responsible for all alcohol sales under the licence.

The application to disapply the DPS must be made by the committee or board with responsibility for the management of the community premises.  Applications must be made on the prescribed form.

Your application must set out:

  • how the premises is managed
  • your committee structure
  • how the supervision of alcohol sales is to be ensured

You must send us copies of any constitution or other management documents with the application and include names of key officers e.g. the chair, secretary and treasurer.

If you already hold a licence, your application must be accompanied by the required fee of £23 and your original premises licence. If you are applying for a new premises licence or a full variation to your existing premises licence, there is no additional fee for applying to disapply the DPS.

Only the Police can object to an application to disapply the DPS on the grounds of crime and disorder. Comments from the police must be made within 28 days of the application being submitted to us.

If the police issue a notice seeking the refusal of the application, we must hold a hearing in order to reach a decision on whether to grant the application.

Please see the Home Office guidance giving detailed information on the process of a Request for Removal of a Designated Premises Supervisor.