Submitting a Planning Application

Basic information and links to detailed information

Every application has to conform with national compulsory requirements and local requirements as shown in the Validation Checklist for Planning and Other Applications.  Please check with the Validation Checklist available via the link below to ensure you have completed and attached all relevant documentation for your application. Also see the Letter to Planning Agents/Applicants April 2012 which clarifies the requirements for scaled and numbered drawings.

The Validation Checklist gives contact details for organisations which we may consult about your application so you may wish to contact them prior to submitting your application.

Please ensure that you check the following details on your application as they are frequently overlooked by applicants:

  • Include appropriate location and a site plan (also known as a block plan). Maps must show the appropriate OS or other provider’s Licence Number.  View the Planning Portal  guidance to help you better understand what your location plan and site plan should look like (PDF).
  • All drawings must be identified by a title and a drawing number in a title block as this is how they are identified on the Decision Notice.
  • All drawings must have a scale bar and show the paper size(e.g.A3, A1)
  • Complete the Agricultural Holdings section of the form in all cases. (Even if the application is not agricultural).
  • Sign and date the form if submitting on paper.  An electronic copy of all the documentation is also required with a paper application.

You may include any other information to support your proposal or clarify an issue. This information must be provided in the form of a letter and may assist the application process.