Submitting a Planning Application

Online Submission of Planning Applications

A number of changes were made to Permitted Development rights in April and August 2021, which means that the PD rights and associated forms have changed, so you need to check before submission that you are using the latest forms and permission types. Please see the Planning Portal online submission or paper forms chooser pages to check.

Online submission simplifies the process for you. Please click the Apply Online button for the Planning Portal page to apply online.

If email addresses are supplied with your application, the decision notice, acknowledgement letters and requests for additional information will be sent by email.

Please check, using the Validation Checklist for your application type, that you have everything required for your application in electronic format before accessing the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal has guides and helpful videos to assist with the application process if needed.

If you are unable to upload part of your application please put a note on the Planning Portal advising us of this and send the missing information to Development Management at Scaitcliffe House on a CD or via email (Maximum size 10MB)

The Planning Portal will calculate the fee, but it is subject to final checking for accuracy by us.


 Applications made through the Planning Portal will need to pay any fee via the Planning Portal, plus the administration fee charged by the Planning Portal. They will be able to take payment by cheque, Bank Transfer, payment card or telephone at any time day or night.  For further details please see the Planning Portal.