Submitting a Planning Application

If Your Application was Refused and Making an Appeal

If you decide to submit a revised application, it can be submitted without further charge within 12 months of the refusal decision date if it is substantially the same (i.e. similar description and site location and size), but please refer to any decision notice to see why it was refused and deal with those issues.

If a revised scheme is not feasible, or if you feel that the Council’s decision is incorrect in planning terms you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the decision.

Less than a third of decisions go in favour of the appellant, so you need to consider carefully before committing to the time and expense of an appeal.

Your planning decision notice sets out how to make an appeal and the timescales by which you must lodge an appeal (from the decision date):

  • Householder:   12 weeks
  • Advertisement:  8 weeks
  • All other applications: 6 months

For further information on appeals visit the Planning Portal Appeals pages.